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May 9, 2016
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A sheltered roof for your horses

A big thank you to Gareth for helping us get this site back up and running! We have been very busy working on other projects; so please excuse our dismissal since late last year. We can’t promise we will be here every week, but hopefully we will be a lot more active than we have before. But as the expression goes “Better late than never”.


Why do you need a sheltered roof?

Construction company says that owners of horses really need to understand the importance of a roof for your horses; through all seasons. Think about it, during the winter, the cold and the rain… How would you like it if you had to stay out side during the cold months. Granted they are animals and evolution helps them out with thick skin and fur to cope to some extent with the cold weather. Also a lot of people don’t take into consideration the warm months. The sun beaming down on you day after day, it isn’t healthy for anyone or anything and this includes your little babies that you love; them beautiful horses. They need shade, to be able to have shade whenever they want or need it. That’s why a sheltered roof is important. According to this Wigan roofing company their area of Wigan and Atherton doesn’t have a lot of fields to produce much shelter for animals, mainly for us humans; but they have come across from time to time where a farmer of someone who owns a horse or even looks after a horse, who needs a good quality sheltered roof for the horses.

What is a Sheltered roof?

Ok, this is pretty simple but I want everyone to understand it 100%. Have you ever been to, own or seen a farm or anything that holds horses. Maybe a rich family with a few aches of land that own a horse. Well you probably see something like a barn. This is like that, but its basically just a standing roof (sometimes with sides). Within Wigan and England it is to keep the food and all what we have discussed covered, dry and over all better condition if there wasn’t the roof.

What is the roof made with?

Typically the roof doesn’t use as good quality products as they would be using on a house, for obvious reasons. But again, the key to good houses is to get fantastic services and fantastic products and materials. This applies to pretty much anything in life; so why wouldn’t it apply to the roofing shelter for the horse.

More often than not you will usually find them made out of wood, but can sometimes be found being made out of other materials such as metal and even a wide range of different types of wood.

Click here to find out all the materials roofing companies will use to make sheltered roofs

English roofing for outside animals

The countryside will show you all the areas in England that you will typically find animal barns and sheltered roofs. Having said that, that doesn’t mean you won’t find them in more populated areas of England, such as main cities, such as Wigan, Atherton of Manchester!

Make sure to check us out in one month time for an update post.

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November 21, 2015
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All about renting a stable in Cheshire, UK

At Cheshire stables you can have the peace of mind that your horse is living a 5* experience. For just £400 per pony & £420 per horse per month your horse can live a full cared for life by many of their staff. The monthly price includes mucking out, fed twice a day, 3 heynets per day, use of washroom, 2 quality bales of shavings per week, wash after being in the field, use of indoor and outdoor arenas and much more! For just a little extra money they can provide riding and schooling, hand walking, show preparation, transport to and from shows, extra feeds, worming and even more. They can guarantee your horse to never be cold, hungry or lonely no matter where you live and your work hours. There will always be someone there for them. The care they provide is never too much work for them and they are always happy to do more.
Cheshire stables has never ending facilities for both you and your horse such as, outdoor arenas including jumps, indoor arena, stables, wash box, grass paddock for lovely summer days and horse box hire. The possibilities are endless at Cheshire stables which means the sky’s the limit for you and your beloved horse.Cheshire Stables, UK